Administrative Council

Cindy Rinker, Chairperson

Rev. Keon Huh
Lay Leader
Becky T. Cooper 
Lay Member to Annual Conference
Beth Dalton
Pastor-Parish Relations Chairperson
Amy Barbour
Finance Chairperson
Randall Doyle
Board of Trustees Chairperson
Peter Truban
Church Treasurer
Christina Price
Recording Secretary
Martha Dalton
United Methodist Men President
Terry McClelland

Ministry Committee Leaders

Education Committee Missions Committee Worship Committee
Debbie French  Works as Committee Martha Dalton
Youth Representative
Kerington Lear
Sunday School Superintendent
Debbie French 
Young Adult Representative
Jacob French 
Membership Secretary
Linda McClelland
Memorial Committee Chairperson
Laura Wurzer
Tape Ministries
District Steward
John Linaburg
Choir Director
Jason Perry
Communications/Web Page
Josh Fleming
Facebook Page
Beth Dalton
Youth Face Book Page
Under Construction 
Alt. Lay Member to Annual Conf.
Terry McClelland

At-large Members

John Hoffman Patti Stickley Gary Hoover

 Jeff Higgs 

Bobbie Eller 

Kenny Rinker  

Anne French 


Melanie Stanley


Alice Brill
Church Historian
Joyce French

Committee on Nomination and Leadership Development

Pastor Keon, Chairperson

Ex officio:  Becky T. Cooper,Lay Leader

Class of 2020 Class of 2021 Class of 2022

Cara Lear 

Kenny Rinker 

Jean Bauserman  

Becky Lambert

Nina Partlow

Jacob French  

 Laura Wurzer

Rich Cooley

Alex McCallum 

Board of Trustees

 Chairperson, Peter Truban 

Class of 2020 Class of 2021 Class of 2022

 Jason Cooper

Steve Heltzel

Chester Johnson 

Catherine Mendoza

Kay Helsley 

Doug Mather 

Jeff Pence 

John Richman, Jr.

Peter Truban  

Staff/Pastor-Parish Relations Committee

Amy Barbour, Chairperson

Ex officio: Becky T. Cooper ,Lay Leader

Class of 2020 Class of 2021 Class of 2022

 Becky H. Cooper

Terry McClelland

Amy Barbour


Dee Dee Logan 

Cyndi Marston 

Kenny Rinker  

Lynn Chance 

Ebbie Linaburg 

Orrin French, Jr.  

Committee on Finance

Randall Doyle, Chairperson

Ex officio:
Cindy Rinker, Church Council Chair
Amy Barbour, SPPRC Chair
Peter Truban, Trustee Chair
Becky T. Cooper, Lay Leader
Christina Price, Treasurer
Kathleen Reynolds, Financial Secretary (staff)    Larry Helsley
John Linaburg, District Steward
Laura Wurzer, Memorial Committee Chair
Missions Committee
Becky T. Cooper & Evelyn "Ebbie" Linaburg, Scholarship Committee Co-Chairs
Doug Veach, Chief Teller

At-large Members:
Suzanne Roulston

Audit Committee

Chris Eller 

Permanent Endowment Committee

John Hoffman, Chairperson

Ex officio:
Keon Huh, Pastor
Christina Price, Treasurer
Randall Doyle, Finance Representative
Peter Truban, Trustee Representative

At-large Members:
Elizabeth Cooper, Dr. John Hoffman, Bill Logan 

Child Care Center Committee

Dale Wurzer, Chairperson

CCC Director: Caroline Juliano
Pastor: Keon Huh 

Pat Hoffman
Dee Dee French
Debbie MacDonald
Hannah Foltz

Other Committees

Except for the chairpersons, members of these committees are not nominated by the Committee on Nominations and Leadership Development.


Debbie French, SS Superintendent
Becky H. Cooper, VBS Director


Works as a Committee, Chairperson


Martha Dalton, Worship Chair
Keon Huh, Pastor
Jason Perry, Choir Director
Suzanne Roulston, Acolytes
Allyson Higgs, Organist
Janie Gonzalez, Readers
Linda Fadely & Betty Laughlin, Communion
Doug Mather, 8:30 Ushers
Bill Decker, 11:00 Ushers
Josh & Sharissa Fleming, Greeters
Tish Richman, at large member
Becky T. Cooper, at large member
Beth Dalton, at large member

Kitchen Committee

Jean Bauserman & Linda Fadely, Chairs
Louise Decker, Laura Wurzer, Linda McClelland, Nancy O'Rear

Memorial Committee

Laura Wurzer, Chairperson
Becky Lambert
Joyce French
Debbie MacDonald

Tape Ministry/Shut-ins

Bill & Louise Decker
Nick Seibert
Sharissa Fleming 
Mary Miller

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