Once again, God provides through the hands and feet of His children.  January 2016, the Bread of Life Food Pantry was blessed to be able to serve 5,930 pounds of food to 100 families in need, constituting 300 men, women and children.         

Bread of Life Food Pantry

Our Bread of Life Food Pantry is operated in co-operation with Woodstock Presbyterian Church and exists to serve the hungry among us.

Bread of Life Food Pantry

The Bread of Life Food Pantry is operated in a building on the property of the Woodstock United Methodist Church.  It was established as a result of an informational meeting conducted on July 29th, 1987.  As a result of this meeting a Steering Committee was established on 2 September which consisted of Bea Thompson, Margaret Boyer, Rosemary Moore, Russ Lovelace, Charlie Symons, Elsie Rogers, Polly Patton, Dick Cooley, Barb Williams and Jay Ashby.  Through many meetings of this committee with their inputs, experience and hard work The Bread of Life Food Pantry opened its doors for the first time on Thursday afternoon at 1 pm on 29 October 1987.

At the beginning it was open only one day a month and it served 26 families that day.  From the beginning it was a joint project operated by both the Woodstock United Methodist Church (Jay Ashby – Pastor) and the Woodstock Presbyterian Church (Charley Symons – Pastor).  

The first Director was Barb Williams who served until September 1991 when Elsie Rogers assumed that post.  

The Bread of Life Food Pantry is currently supported by twenty seven local churches which provide volunteers, food donations and financial support.  We are blessed with a great core of volunteers.  After the passing of long time Director Elsie Rogers in 2015, Bill Decker and Carmel Orndorf were appointed Co-Directors.  Carl Nelson is the long time Treasurer and the “brains” of the operation.  Dick Cooley has served since the Steering Committee in 1987.  

Other volunteers are Dorothy Ryman, Kitty Ortts, Carol Shaffer, Janie Gonzalez, Linda McClelland, Debbie MacDonald, Louise McClelland, Allison Nelson, Pam Keen, Bill Gochenour, John Coleman, Gary Richards, David MacDonald, Dennis Bowers, Peggy Pye, Louise Dellinger, Shirley Lynn, Gene Dellinger, Louis Fadale, Angelique Sherry, Fran Brill, Anna Barb and Helen Miller.  If you wish to volunteer you may call Bill Decker at 459-1928 or send an e-mail at bdecker@shentel.net.

Donations help to purchase food from the Blue Ridge Area Food Bank in Winchester and local grocers as needed.  Thank you for your support.  Make your checks payable to the Bread of Life Food Pantry and mail to 156 S. Muhlenberg  Street, Woodstock,  VA.  Our financial records are audited annually.


Every 3rd Tuesday and 3rd Thursday of each month at 1pm to 4 pm.  One distribution per household per month.


Well Stocked


3rd Tuesday and Thursday each month


Bread of Life Food Pantry


Woodstock UMC, (540) 459-4144